Praia do Almoxarife

Faial, Açores

4 comentários:

klimov disse...

Hi, also can't get captions but the pictures are just nice! By the way, I so love Portugal...so lovely country. Has been just one time by car.Thanks.

Laura disse...

Pedro, I love the way the rhythm created by the buildings at left is balanced by the calm space of the water at right. Another small jewel of a drawing.

hfm disse...

Esta não conheço e já tomei nota. Gosto de viajar por estes teus desenhos que, por entre tanta outra coisa, têm aquilo que a laura disse - ritmo.

Lori Witzel disse...

I just love this. Laura is so right. And...your little bit of handwritten text not only adds to the composition, it also adds texture and personality.

Where or what is that island/peninsula you drew an arrow to?

(BTW, have no idea why those emails were stuck in cyberspace...some pixel must have gotten loose and fallen into the satellite feed.)