Farol da Guia, Macau, 2

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merdinhas disse...

Posso entrar?

Alina Chau disse...

lovely travel sketches!

the enigma disse...

your sketches are grreat! thanks for stopping by! ^_^

Anónimo disse...

Hi pmbc,
such productivity! Must be so much fun to you :)
I like the way you sometimes focus on one, or a few elements and use a line to define a composition around, rather than letting them floatting around...Like on this door, or on the church of this post : Farol da Guia, Macau.
Do you carry a big number of coloured pencils with you, or have you settled with a 'limited' palette? It seems like you have your gear with you all the time.

Thanks for the comments :)

Laura disse...

Pedro, such sweeping movement in so small a drawing. You really know how to zero in on the essentials.

teresa disse...

Oh! Such a nice door detail! Your sketches are great and the colors are so vibrant.